Patriot's Pen Essay - 2021 Post Winner

- 4/29/2022

How Can I Be a Good American?

 How can I be a good American? I’m just a regular kid. I am too young to serve so that’s out of the question. I always hear people say, "Just be yourself.” The best way I can be a good American is to be who I am and continue to do what I am doing. I don’t need a big or grand plan.

I am a student. I will continue to be a good student who works hard to get good grades. I will not cheat. I will respect my teachers and school personnel. I will do my best to always improve myself. I will work on my plans to get into college and find a career that I enjoy. That way I can be a productive member of society.

I am a son. I can be a good citizen by being a good son to my parents. I will continue to love and honor my parents and sibling. I will make sure to follow house rules and do my chores with a smile. I will continue to spend time with my family and enjoy our time together.

I am a friend. Being with my friends is important to me. I will make sure that I treat my friends and their families with respect. I will be a good influence to my friends and follow their families’ rules like curfews and bed times. I will make sure that I treat all my friends the same way and to never be a bully or make fun of other people.

I am an American and happy to be an American. I will continue to learn more about this country and its history. As I learn more about the country’s history and the struggles and sacrifices people made to attain independence, I have realized that by being a good American I honor those people who fought for the America I enjoy today.

To be a good American doesn’t have to be complicated. I believe I can be good American by simply being me – a regular kid who is respectful, honest and fair.